Kuromajo chiyoko
She is a 5th grade student who is obsessed with the occults. She summoned The Black Witch by mistake thank to a stuffy nose (she was trying to summon a "cupid"). Now she has to be Gyubid's student to become a black witch. Even though she doesn't want be a witch, she is very good at spells and making magic circles. She is commonly called by nickname "Choco" by her school friends. After episode 5, she is a fifth rank black witch and she wears a red Jumber. In episode 26, she elevates to fourth rank and third rank in episode 56.


Kuromajo rabi

She is Choco's familar black cat.
She gain ownship by give her a new name in black witch costume (she formerly belong to a magic peddler, original name was Kuu).


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