Kuromajo kyou

he is a student in Chiyoko's class. He is always seen with a stuffed puppet and is always talking to it. He is well aware of Chiyoko's magic activity as he identified the vegatable Choco found as a charm root and was not affected by Gyubid's memory erasing spell. Even though he knows what going on, he doesn't say anything about it as he only talks to him stuff puppet. In episode 11, it is reveal he is a wizard and a former student of Angolmois. The stuffed puppet that Chiyoko got off Kyou was a sealing amulet to cut off his powers. Angolmois did that because she thought he magic was too powerful for his age. His goal is to conquer the Spirit World. In episode 14, he attempted to get a way in the Spirit World, but got his magic again, thanks to Chiyoko, Gyubid and Tōka.

Kuromajo2 puppetseal2nd

Second stuffed puppet seal.