Control MagicEdit

The ability to control one person body movement with something part of that person (ex. a piece of hair) 1980.

Magic CirclesEdit

The ability to summon supernatural beings or magical related things.

Kuromajo magic circle

Weather MagicEdit

The ability to change the weather, such making a tiny storm cloud to a fullsize thunderstorm. For a beginner, it will take 10 years to make bigger weather changes.


The ability to levitate off the ground and move around. This is a basic magic for witches who needs to move around to get to places quickly and to hide.

Magical Flying PotionEdit

Potion that is put all around one's body to fly. Usually used for witches who don't have the ability to fly yet.

Ghost SummoningEdit

A witch must cross their arms and walk 5900 steps to the grave of the ghost that you want to summon and chant "I eagerly await thee. Appear."

Ghost Extermination SpellEdit

A spell that sends the ghost to the Spirit World.

Luck-Raising SpellEdit

A spell that raise good luck on your behalf.

Splitting SpellEdit

A spell that evenly splits an object in half.

Transformation SpellEdit

A spell that can your appearance to the person in front of you. It is a difficult spell for beginneer and must done by one's will power.

Black Death SpellEdit

A spell able to kill a person. Can only be used by rank 3 and up. Low rank witch will only cause electrical shortages.

Illusion Projector SpellEdit

A spell that project memories into reality.

Escape MagicEdit

An ability to escape to any place, including the Spiritual World

Evil Spirit Revealing SpellEdit

A spell that reveals evil spirits in hiding.


It is used to expel demons from humans by casting a spell and animal howling at it.

Memory Erasing SpellEdit

A spell that erases memories of certain events

Pact Interference SpellEdit

A forbidden spell that cuts the pact between Black Witch instructor and her student. Also the student loses their magic in the process.

Teleporting SpellEdit

A spell that lets you go anywhere.

Detransformation SpellEdit

A spell that undoes the Transformation Spell.


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